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The book "Discourse Analysis in Transport and Urban Development" will be published in April this year by the prestigious publishing house Edward Elgar. Drawing on discourse analysis as an emerging field in transport and urban development, this innovative book takes a novel approach to examining the different interpretations, diversity of views and controversy in society. One of the chapters of the book was also prepared by members of our team, namely Hana Brůhová Foltýnová, Kristýna Rybová, Radomíra Jordová and Eliška Vejchodská. The editors of the book are Professors Robin Hickman and Christine Hannigan from University College London.

The book can be ordered now here.

Drawing on discourse analysis, this innovative book takes a novel approach to examining the different interpretations, diversity of views and controversy in society about transport and urban development.
Combining theory with empirical case studies, this book breaks new ground in the field by critically engaging with an understanding of the different perspectives and subjectivities associated with transport systems and urban development projects. Incorporating the diverse wider societal and political contexts, various approaches to discourse analysis are examined, including content analysis, critical discourse analysis and Q methodology. Examining the narratives in transport and urban development, chapters study car advertising, highway reconstruction, public transport, bus provision, transit-orientated development and financialisation, walking and cycling networks, and emerging new technologies. Ultimately, the book argues that mainstream views and processes must be confronted in order to respond to contemporary public policy challenges, and makes a convincing case for the wider use of discourse analysis in transport and urban development research, planning and implementation.
Global in scope, this cutting-edge book will prove vital reading for students and scholars of transport planning and urban development. Its practical guidance will be useful to transport and development policymakers and practitioners working in urban and regional authorities, consultancies and civil society.

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