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doc. Ing. et Ing. Eliška Vejchodská, Ph.D.

Eliška Vejchodská graduated in Landscape Engineering from the Faculty of Forestry of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, and in National Economics at the University of Economics, Prague, where she also got her Ph.D. in National Economics with a focus on environmental economics. At present, she works at the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University and the Faculty of Social and Economic Studies of the J. E. Purkyně University in Ustí nad Labem. She deals professionally mostly with analysis of environmental policy tools and land use planning tools. In the area of mobility, she deals with sustainable urban mobility.



E-mail: eliska.vejchodska@ujep.cz



Smart city - Smart region - Smart community
Strategické nástroje na podporu rozhodování municipalit v oblasti udržitelné mobility

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